Bootcamp Bonus: Starting Class


Most OWL classes start with a mix of  greetings, at level warm up questions, clapping, cheering and of course vocabulary review.  However, have you considered  beginning class with some reflection? breathing? mindfulness training?  A fellow bootcamp participant begins his classes everyday with this mantra:



For all of you non Spanish OWLers here is your translation:

You are my other self .

If I harm you, 

I harm myself.

If I love and respect you,

I love and respect myself.

WOW! Talk about a community builder! Could you or would you use this?  How else do you effectively begin class?



2 thoughts on “Bootcamp Bonus: Starting Class

  1. Eliza, I am LOVING your blog. You are amazing! Can’t wait to read more! 🙂

    Tomorrow is my first day with students, too. I’m going to use a lot of transitions, the name game, and rock, paper, scissors that transforms into “Entourage.” (The one when losers put their hands on the winners, creating a train of people chanting the name of the player until just 2 are left.) Loved it.


    • elizapfeifer

      I am glad you like it! I just started class today and more or less did the same lesson plan. Circle actvities, name with motions followed by Hatch Patchi or as someone called it Marcha de Campeón. It was great and got a lot of at level vocabulary flowing!


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